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I'm originally from Limerick, Ireland but I'm now living happily in Dublin with my wife Jackie and son Gary (see photo on right :). I work for Amazon.

I spent a normal childhood growing up in Limerick city with my parents (Mary and Dan), sister Mary and three brothers (Brian, Joe and Jude). I graduated in 1987 with an electronics degree and spent the next 4½ years working as a computer programmer in Ireland, first in Limerick and then 3 years in Dublin (where I first met Jackie).

For the following 4 years I lived and worked in the U.S. (1 year in N.Y. and 3 years in San Diego) after which I took a 2½ year hiatus to travel the world, a wonderful trip that ended in October 1998. I began working again at the tender age of 32 and have lived in Dublin since 1999.

A (technical) and out of date C.V./resumé can be seen here.

According to the date on your computer I am now years old.

I am currently working full-time developing web-based monitoring software so I have little time for outside projects.

My main hobbies include listening to rock music, reading, travelling, photography, movies, cycling, playing carrom (a pool-like board game) and soccer when I have the opportunity. I also dabble with squash, ride a scooter mainly to avoid traffic but partly for fun and spend the odd bit of time redesigning this website.

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