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Here you'll find my Curriculum Vitae (or Resumé as it's also known). It's very technical as C.V.'s go. You can also download it in MS Word, Adobe PDF or plain text format by clicking one of the links below.

Download C.V.
(MS Word format)
Download C.V.
(Adobe PDF format)
Download C.V.
(Plain text format)

Read this doc on Scribd: Cv Mike Meaney
Curriculum Vitae Mike Meaney Address: 64 Whitecliff, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, Ireland Date of Birth: 7th Sep 1966 Home: Mobile: Email: (01) 445-0190 (087) 699-8092 Latest CV: Profile: Principal software engineer with 17 years experience in the IT industry. Very intelligent team player offering proven technical leadership, mentoring skills and exceptional problem solving abilities. Very wide product development experience ranging from medical devices and telecoms software to financial systems and graphics libraries. Design and develop software both in Java and C++, plus several scripting languages. Extensive experience on numerous operating systems including Linux, Windows and several realtime O.S.s. Employment: Jul 07 to Jun 08: Career Break, I am currently on a year's career break with my family, travelling in the US and Australia. During that time I've been developing the site to promote Imajico, an open-source full-featured photo and video viewer I am writing in JavaScript for Picasaweb and Flickr photo website users, and designed to be as easy to invoke and use as possible. In between, in Oct/Nov 07 I also worked as a contractor for Fluke Networks, Dublin, working on a network monitoring product in Java, with a front-end in JSP, and using a MySQL database. Mar 06 to Jun 07: Team Leader Shopping Cart Amazon Data Services Ltd, Thomas St, Dublin. Amazon are one of the world's biggest online retailers. I lead their shopping cart team (6 engineers), responsible for all shopping cart functionality, from UI to back-end services. Added features to the Shopping Cart Service which implements Amazon's shopping cart business logic, a C++ program using Oracle as a backend and running on Linux. Enhanced the shopping cart's user interface, which is a web front-end programmed in Perl using the MASON system for writing HTML with Perl. Responsible for monitoring the global performance and operation of Amazon's cart. Worked on developing Amazon's new Cart Cache service, used for caching cart contents so that cart summary information can be displayed on all Amazon web pages. The service was written in Java. Aug 02 to Mar 06: Principal Software Engineer Corvil Networks, Pearse St Enterprise Centre, Dublin. Corvil produce software to measure the bandwidth of network traffic. They are the only company to have software embedded in Cisco routers. My main achievements: Worked on their network appliance, a Linux Dual Xeon device with multiple 1Gbps Ethernet interfaces for classifying and measuring IP traffic. All development was in C++ with testing via automated Python scripting. Team leader for four developers. Wrote a web app for the device for displaying graphical traffic measurements. The app used Apache, Python Server Pages and RRDTool for graph generation. Developed Linux kernel module to communicate with an Intel IXP2400 PCI card. Gained excellent knowledge of system testing during 6 months as acting head of Q.A. Technical Architect Deal Dynamics, UCD Innovation Centre, Dublin. Apr 02 to July 02: Deal Dynamics developed e-learning software for the financial industry. I designed and implemented a web server application to manage students and courses for them. The technologies used included: Java, J2EE, EJB, JSPs, Tomcat web server, JBoss application server, PostGreSQL database, JDBC, XML, JAXB and CVS source code control. Deal Dynamics went out of business in July 02. Nov 99 to Mar 02: Principal Software Developer Interactive Enterprise Ltd., Citywest Business Park, Dublin. Interactive Enterprise develop middleware in Java and C++ that switches on voice, video and data services on cable modems. During my time with them I: Designed all and coded most of the product's user interface architecture using Java, JSP, Java Servlets and the Apache web server, running on Windows and Solaris. Designed (for Java and C++) client-server communication, resource locking, transaction handling and secure licensing. For this I used XML, UML, CORBA, JDBC, Oracle 8i, Python and set-top box middleware. Lead a team of five developers. Acquired in-depth knowledge of various aspects of cable networks such as SNMP & MIBs, DHCP/TFTP servers, CMTSs and the DOCSIS standard. Jan 99 to Oct 99: Consultant Engineer Caradyne Ltd, Parkmore West, Galway. While teleworking for Caradyne from my home in Dublin I: Designed and implemented the entire software for a medical device that measured and displayed real-time waveforms of a patient's blood oxygen and pulse rate. Prototyped the software on Windows 98 using Borland C++ Builder, and then ported to the Motorola 68336 microcontroller embedded system. Nov 98 to Oct 99: Web Designer I designed the web sites for several Dublin-based businesses, using Macromedia's Dreamweaver page editor, Adobe PhotoShop graphics package, JavaScript code and Perl/CGI scripts. I also designed my own web site to document my round the world travel (see below). Apr 96 to Oct 98: Travelling I spent two and a half years travelling from the United States back to Ireland. I began in Fiji and took in New Zealand, Australia and much of Asia. I concluded my trip in Egypt having covered a total of twenty three countries in all. Aug 93 to Apr 96: Consultant Programmer, Puritan Bennett, San Diego, CA, USA. Puritan Bennett is the world leader in life-support ventilation machines. I was the leading designer/implementer writing the graphical interface for their new top-end ventilator, now featured on the TV program E.R. For them I: Developed the software on Sun Solaris workstations using C++ and X-Windows. Cross-compiled using a Microtec compiler to an embedded dual processor Intel 486 embedded system that employed two full-size VGA LCD touch-sensitive screens to display medical data. The real-time O.S. used was VRTX. Mar 92 to Jul 93: Dec 88 to Mar 92: Jul 87 to Dec 88: Senior Programmer/Analyst, J.J. Kenny, Broadway, NY, USA. Senior Programmer, Fujitsu-ICL, Leopardstown, Dublin. Software Engineer, Intepro Systems, Plassey Technological Park, Limerick. For the first 6 years of my career, I worked for the above companies. Experience included: ? Developing a client/server database system in C using Embedded SQL to access an Oracle 7 database on Sequent 750 multi-processor 486 machines running Unix SVR4. Also developed database services for the Tuxedo on-line transaction processing system. ? Writing a graphics library in C++ using X-Windows on Sun Solaris, and, in C, the telex network interface for an X.400 access unit ? Implementing an online ordering facility using the Informix database. Education: Sep 83 to Jun 87: B.S.E.E. (First Honours), University of Limerick, Ireland. Graduated 3rd out of a class of 80 with a final QCA (GPA) of 3.70. Technical Expertise: Languages: Java, C++, C, HTML, JSP, Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, Unix scripting. Operating systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris + others), Windows 95-XP, VRTX Graphical tools: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, PhotoShop 6, MS Visio 2003, TogetherSoft's UML Source code control: CVS, Subversion, Perforce, Rational ClearCase, Microsoft VSS, SCCS, RCS, PVCS Hobbies and Interests: I am a keen photographer, very interested in travel, movies and hillwalking. Other hobbies include reading, scooter trips with my wife and cycling. References available on request.

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