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The most important thing to know about this website is that anything orange is clickable. Follow orange and you will find your way around. Photos that have a orange border are clickable photos.

Below I will describe the various features that you will find on the pages in this site.

Return to top 1. Location
At all times Location will show where you are within the website.

Return to top 2. Main Menu
This menu has links to all the main categories of web pages in this site. It also contains a handy search facility to find any text within this site (using the Google search engine).

Return to top 3. Register for Joke List
I often add jokes to the Jokes pages. If you want to be informed of new additions you can send your email address to me here.

Return to top 4. Register for Quote List
I also collect quotes, mostly witty or inspirational. You can find out when I add new quotes by sending me your email address here.

Return to top 5. Send Me Email Form
A feature on all pages is this email form. From it you can send me an email directly.

Return to top 6. Quick Menu
All the categories on the Main Menu are repeated on this handy menu at the bottom of each page.

Return to top 7. Main Content Area
The main content of any page appears in the middle here.

Return to top 8. Random Photo
Every time a page is loaded a random photo is chosen from my collection and displayed here.

Return to top 9. Random Diary Quote
Every time a page is loaded a random diary quote is chosen from my Diaries and displayed here.

Return to top 10. Photo Montage
This is a photo montage of three photos from my collection:

Return to top 11. Logo
This is the logo for the Mike Meaney website. To the left of it is a help button that will display this page.

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